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November 04, 2008


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Class act..... unable to write own blog.... invites published guest author to fill that gap!! Wow!! Mate, my hat is off to you....


SJ, do you still want my book? It's not that I'm desperately trying to get ANYONE to read it, it's just that I emailed you for an address to send it to.

Let me know...

And yes, my creative ways of avoiding work know no bounds.


Yes indeedy.... love your book.... well the bits I have read... Are you ready to brave the pit of vipers - Authonomy??

Nike Shox TL3

I know so many people who have just had a new addition to their

lives or are still counting down the last few days. There is

nothing better to warm the heart on such a frigid January. I am

so excited for everyone.

Sara swain

i gotta say i have only read a small amount of your book, but i love it. I trying to get away from work at some point so i can read it all. I have a speed date later so wish me look everyone :)

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