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September 13, 2008


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Five minutes? Barbara Cartland? Hun, if it were longer than two, I would be very surprised. And essentially, every single one of them are the same book, with minor variations. I've met the lady, and read a few of her books over the years.

From the point of view of length of time, I don't think it matters how long you spend writing something as long as you do write it. It's sounds to me as though Franfran's despair has overtaken her writing process, that can be a scary experience. Reaching a stage where you fear you are now decomposing.

Best wishes, Franfran, despair ye not..... if you would like some practical boost, or a shoulder to cry on.... feel free! You can find me in facebook..... SJ Heckscher-Marquis


Thank you so much! I think here lays my problem: "If you want to write a book there can be no excuses. You either write it or you don't. It's as simple as that." that's so true and so hard to assume. :)


No worries hun, happy to help if I can! It is all part of the process...... and sometimes, you do think you've lost the plot...... literally and figuratively speaking! *hugs*


Thought you might like this - an article about rejection letters and how to deal with them. I particular like the letter that Stefan Merken wrote back to editors who had rejected him:



Thanks. Very funny.

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